In 1987, a student-based organization was formed in the UP CBA to serve as a link between its graduates and the business community they were soon to be part of. This organization has since expanded to include the UP School of Economics to form the University of the Philippines Career Assistance Program Virata School of Business–School of Economics (UP CAP VSB-SE).


Our mission is to provide career assistance to UP students, to serve as a bridge between the students and the professional institutions, and to promote a high standard of competence and a holistic approach to development to the students.


It is our vision to be at the forefront of career assistance by providing quality and holistic development initiatives rooted in service and excellence.


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Every student has his or her own personal goals upon entering college. However, landing that ultimate dream job is a common goal.

As we go beyond our 30ᵗʰ year milestone, we remain focused in delivering the organization's brand of service and excellence. We strive to achieve greater heights in executing events and initiatives catered to students' different career needs. 

We are one CAPamilya for the students and by the students. We are UP CAP.

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