Step 1: Fill up Form at http://upcap.ph/application

Step 2: Create a cover letter (tinyurl.com/SampleCover1920) and a resume (tinyurl.com/SampleResume-OPUS)

Step 3: Fill up the Step 3 in http://upcap.ph/application-2 with the following subject based on your first choice position:

DEPARTMENT - Your Last Name, Your First Name [College]

i.e. COMMUNICATIONS - Traballo, Raj [CBA] EXTERNAL AFFAIRS - Chiang, Anthony [SE]


Step 4: You are required to attend a 30-minute Orientation and Business Case analysis on June 22, 2019. You will be given your time slot via email.


Step 5: After you pass the assessment, you would be invited for an interview with the Board of Directors within the week of June 24 to 29.

You're done! Please wait for the application results by July 2.

Please take the time to read this primer for more information about UP CAP and the application process:

CAPlications Primer

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email us at recruitment@upcap.ph or message us on facebook.com/upcapcbase

Applications are now closed.

On its 32nd year, the UP Career Assistance Program is looking for a new set of innovators who are not only impassioned to create genuine change, but are also committed to serve both College of Business Administration and the School of Economics.

Gain the experience you need to propel your career path forward, while serving the people you interact with daily! You'll get to experience working with highly motivated teams, dealing with corporate partners, and empowering your fellow CAP members in tackling various tasks. Best of all, let your voice be heard. UP CAP is willing to listen to your ideas, your suggestions, and we'll move forward together, as one organization.

Applications are now closed.

We'll be sending all confirmation emails by June 21, 8:00 PM. Thank you!

Cover Letter  Resume Template