More than merely promoting and selling a product, Marketing is about creating value for consumers from a particular target market at a profit. Marketers determine when, where, and how a business communicates to its customers through integrated marketing campaigns backed up by insights gained through analytical tools. It is therefore an essential component in all stages of the business, from product development to retail distribution.


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Brand Manager
  • They develop custom brand management plans for the company through conducting market research
  • To be a brand manager, one must have excellent verbal and written communications skills, strong research and analytical skills, and an in-depth understanding of the company’s products.
Market Research Analyst
  • They study market conditions, trends, and gather data about their product, competitors, and their market and customers for their campaigns.
  • One must have strong Math and Analytical skills. They'll be dealing with a lot of Polls, Questionnaires, and Surveys.
Public Relations Manager
  • PR managers create and maintain a favorable public image for their employer or client through strategic creation of material and/or campaigns
  • PR Managers must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, IT Skills, Interpersonal skills, and creativity. They'll be creating advertisements, campaigns, and publicity materials.


Promotions Manager
  • They direct online and offline promotional programs such as events, social media posts, and store displays to increase sales
  • They have good analytical, verbal and, written communication skills, as well as creativity. They create collateral materials or campaigns.


Actuarial Analyst
  • They are in charge with the forecast, assessment, plans and advices for future risks like product failure, natural disasters, accidents and death.
  • They must have excellent math and analytical skills, knowledgeable on statistical modelling tools, probability theories, commercial, market and economic principles.
  • They create investment and pension plans, insurance policies, forecast reports
  • Stockbrokers manage client’s investments by buying and selling stocks, advises clients regarding investment options while staying updated on the stock market through research.
  • They possess strong communication and negotiation skills, are able to work under pressure and have excellent mathematical, research and analyzing abilities.
  • They conduct personalized research, reports, recommended list of investment, decision tools and information .
  • Accountants record, analyze and communicate financial information to both internal and external users. They are knowledgeable in accounting principles and policies, and are detail-oriented.
  • They create financial statements, reports, recommendations on policies and operations.
 Corporate Investment Banker
  • Works with corporations to give advices on transactions like mergers and acquisition, with equity capital markets to analyze equity products and markets or with debt capital markets to structure clients’ debt.
  • They must possess quantitative, analytical and logical skills, creativity, innovation.
  • Their outputs include research on investment products, financial and statistical reports and models.